Monday, March 9, 2009

Become Beauty Review

"At become, we combine the power of science with the purity of nature to deliver the most technologically advanced line of cosmeceutical products, ensuring visible results and beautifully balanced skin."

Become offers professional grade, luxury skin care at an affordable price. Their products deliver incredible benefits because they work at a cellular level to slow down the aging process. And all of Becomes products are developed and tested in one of the earth's harshest environments, Australia. That proves how good they are!

"We believe that where there is balance there is beauty - inside and out."

Times are tough for everyone right now. Many SAHM's are having to face the tough decision to go back to work. And some people are having to pick up second jobs to stay afloat. So one of the great things about Become is that they are a direct sales company. Becoming a Become Sales Advisor gives you the freedom of being at home while still bringing in money. Not only can you receive a paycheck but you can earn free products as well!

I had the opportunity to try the Age Resistant Body Scrub recently. This unique formula of Orange Oil, Sweetmint and Green Tea Extract not only lifted my spirits but polished my dull skin away. Naturally, the first thing I noticed when I opened the bottle was the smell. Minty. Very different from all of the other body washes and scrubs I have tried. But the more I rubbed it into my skin the more the scent smelled like oranges. Now I am totally addicted to the scent! The exfoliate did its job and sloughed off my dead skin cells. Leaving my skin very soft and smooth. While I am still fairly young. It is never too early to start protecting against aging.

Be sure to check out the Become Beauty giveaway on Piece Of Me. (11 Winners)


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