Monday, October 6, 2008

The Reborn Craze

I was watching our local news tonight and it had a segment on Reborn Babies. I had not heard of these dolls until recently and it made me curious as to what these Babies were all about. At first I thought they were the teaching dolls that they give to teenagers in High School ,but I was wrong. Grown people have the Reborn Babies and take care of them like real children. They have very human like characteristics and resemble newborn babies. To me it seems a little strange. People say they have the dolls to "fulfill" the urge to nurture something. One lady even said she has hers because she could not have children and this was the next best thing. I seen on the report where people are buying cribs, carseats, and strollers for these dolls. Police even broke into one car because a "baby" was locked in it. Turns out it was a Reborn Baby. I just feel very uneasy about adults playing with dolls. But I guess to each their own.

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