Monday, September 22, 2008


eBay is so addictive! If I'm going to bid on an item I automatically know how high I'm going to go before I go into the auction. But that never works. I get so mad when someone bid's against me I bid higher. Its like a disease I do it everytime. I always say "I am NOT going higher than $15 on this item." By the time its all said and done with I have paid $30 for the item and another $10 on shipping. I think I am taking it personal, its almost as if I think they are doing it to make me mad. And then their are time I feel so bad for bidding higher I hope someone outbids me so I don't have to pay that much for the item. I guess I am just going to have to ban eBay from my computer so this problem is taken care of. Also so my husband stops looking at the checkbook and saying "What did you buy from eBay now that we couldn't live without?"

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MommyKoz said...

I used to do that too, then I stopped bidding and started watching. I know sellers don't like it - because then there is no 'competing' over their items and the price isn't going up.
And, I'm an ebay seller too! When I'm buying I pay what I can afford if I really want something, so I generally watch it and then wait until the very end and actually bid in the last 5-10 mins to try and win. Most of the time I win if noone else is doing the same thing, or if there isn't already a bid with a high invisible bid I can't see.

ebay IS addicting though!!