Friday, September 5, 2008

Waiting On Hanna

As the night draws closer on our area so does Tropical Storm Hanna. We are sitting here waiting with anticipation on this unwelcome visitor. Although it is not suppose to be much, it's enough to worry you. We just watched the evening news and the surfers seem to be taking advantage of the situation though. Our area is likely to get some wind and rain, but the biggest concern is tornadoes. Our counties Emergency Management told us not to be on the roads after 8 o'clock, which was 30 minutes ago, because of the winds. The storm is hitting us at the worst time, it is suppose to make landfall around 3 am, which makes for a long night. So I'm off to do some dishes and give Princess P a bath and find the flashlight, then try to get some rest.

Here are 2 different live web cams so you can watch the storm roll in:

This one is located in Myrtle Beach, SC

This one is located in Kill Devil Hills, NC

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