Wednesday, September 17, 2008


As we all know their are many concerns over Bisphenol A or more commonly known as BPA. It is linked to heart disease, diabetes and there is some concern about it mimicking the hormone estrogen, which is linked to several other problems. It is found in many things we have around the house, including baby bottles. So I went to my cabinet and looked at all Princess P's bottles. We have several different kinds because she very rarely takes one. As I looked at all of the bottles I seen they had the number 7 stamped on them, which means it could contain BPA. One of the bottles we have is the Playtex Drop-Ins, while the bottle contains BPA the actual Drop-Ins themselves do not. So the milk does not come in contact with the BPA. And Playtex is offering a free Drop-In bottle per household if you want to try one. If you are curious to see which bottles and sippy cups are safe to use check out this really cool website I found Safe Mama it has lots of neat information.

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